About AllPure

AllPure Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets cutting-edge products for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical drug developers and manufacturers. Operating in a state-of-the-art facility in New Oxford, Pennsylvania, AllPure complies with applicable cGMP guidelines.



Our Products

TAKEoneUsing real-world applications as the inspiration, AllPure leverages vast technical and practical experience to develop viable solutions. The TAKEONE® aseptic sampling system and QUICKSEAL® aseptic tube sealing system improves operating efficiency and process reliability and advances operator safety. Supported by numerous patent-pending technologies TAKEONE® and QUICKSEAL® provide quick, reliable and safe solutions to the shortcomings of current aseptic sampling techniques.

You’ve been heard...


The “You’ve Been Heard” tagline is elemental to our products and services. “You’ve Been Heard” means engaging with our customers and partners to understand their challenges and helping them realize practical solutions. From enhancing operating efficiencies and perfecting process reliability to improving operator safety, AllPure launches sensible products.