Not all samples are equal.


AllPure’s BENCHMARK sampling line configurations include luer-activated access site and optional one-way check valve. The access site is validated to maintain a microbial barrier after 140 samples, greatly expanding sampling capacity.


Inclusion of the one-way check valve further prevents fluid or air from entering the sampling pathway.


Select BENCHMARK — Smarter Sampling Saves Money.



Collecting samples from BENCHMARK is the ideal method for a range of sample analyses.




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What makes BENCHMARK the benchmark?

Collecting samples from luer-activated access sites is not new. AllPure's BENCHMARK is available with a one-way check valve which provides a vital safeguard against accidentally injecting fluid or air into the sampling pathway. 


BENCHMARK Components



Luer Activated Access Site:

The luer activated access site's platinum-cured silicone septum is a microbial barrier. The septum opens when a male luer fitting is connected. The septum closes as the male luer fitting is removed.


Luer Access Site


The septum surface should be swabbed with 70% isopropyl alcohol prior to connection. AllPure advises clearing the sampling line by collecting a small amount of fluid before collecting the sample.

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Click Here to review the 7-Day Microbial Challenge validating the access site as microbial barrier after 140 actuations. 



One-Way Check Valve:

Until now, collecting samples using luer-activated access sites carried a risk of unintentionally introducing air or fluid into the sampling line and process vessel.CheckValveInUse The one-way check valve is insurance against this from happening.




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