MYCAP Bottle Closure


MYCAP Bottle Closures 

The most adaptive bottle closure system available.


MYCAPbottle closure systems make customized molded bottle closures available and affordable to everyone.


AllPure’s patent-pending MYCAP bottle closure systems fit almost any bottle, flask, tube or rigid container with a screw cap. A platinum-cured silicone stopper with integral tubing is securely molded into the cap.


Select from extensive family of MYCAP products — or, design your own and proclaim,

its not yours, its MYCAP




What is a MYCAP™?

MYCAPbottle closure is a one-piece bottle cap that includes a platinum-cured silicone stopper and overmolded tubes. Use MYCAP wherever fluids need to be aseptically added or collected from a bottle. There is a MYCAP for almost any bottle, flask, tube or rigid container with a screw cap.


What are MYCAP™ options?

AllPure can put any one or any combination and more on a MYCAP:MYCAPCapabilitiesTable


How is MYCAP™ different?

The key to the adaptability of the MYCAPis how its made. MYCAPCutaway

  • AllPure modifies the cap that comes with the bottle creating the correct numbercorrect size and correct position of holes to accept tubing
  • A strain-relief cone, molded to the outside of the tubing, snaps into the holes in the cap
  • Silicone is dispensed and cured directly into the cap encasing the tubing and creating a secure elastomeric seal

Per request AllPure’s can modify the number, material, position or size of the tubing without tooling costs, minimum orders or long lead times.


Be like waves of biotech professionals to proclaim “its not yours, its MYCAP

  • you decide the number of tubes
  • you decide the tubing materials (even blending on a single cap)
  • you decide the bottle size
  • you decide the bottle material and manufacturer
  • you decide how many to buy

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