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QUICKSEAL® Aseptic Tube Sealing System
is quick, reliable and safe!


The patent-pending QUICKSEAL® aseptic tube sealing system makes critical fluid-management more efficient and reliable. QUICKSEAL® securely seals tubing after sampling or inoculation, buffer and media prep processes, product transfer or any critical fluid-handling process.

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QUICKSEAL® Cutting Tools

QUICKSEAL Large Diameter Cutter Image 1QUICKSEAL Large Diameter Cutter Image 1

SEAL® is available on platinum-cured silicone, thermoplastic elastomeric tubing and more. QUICKSEAL® is easily integrated into tubing manifolds and bag systems.


The practical QUICKSEAL® Cutter makes an aseptic seal in seconds. The cutter simultaneously cuts the QUICKSEAL® collar and seals the tubing. No utilities or special training required.


Valuable Features:

  • Aseptic seal in seconds
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Platinum-cured silicone, TPE tubing, and more
  • Dry or wet tubing
  • No utilities or specialized equipment required
  • Reliable, laboratory-validated aseptic seal
  • Unambiguous result; a cut collar is an aseptic seal
  • No spare or replacement parts required

QUICKSEAL® is extensively tested. Bacterial ingress tests validate aseptic performance and integrity tests prove the seal pressure is greater than burst pressure of tubing.


Contact AllPure Technologies, Inc. and request a product demonstration of the QUICKSEAL® aseptic tube sealing system today or contact us to find your local AllPure Sales Representative.


quick, reliable and safe tube seals with QUICKSEAL® aseptic tube sealing system.


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