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Integral Check Valves


Collect samples in a syringe or other vessel with male luer fitting. BENCHMARK™ maintains a microbial barrier after 140 actuations. An integral check valve prevents fluid, air or potential contaminants from entering the fluid pathway. BENCHMARKcq™ includes a stopcock valve with two access sites for dedicated purge and sampling sites.

Which TAKEone Aseptic Sampling System is for me?

When to Select?

BENCHMARK™ is simply smarter sampling. TAKEONE® ensures that all samples are collected aseptically but AllPure challenges that most samples need not be collected in a sterile contained vessel. Use a syringe and reduce off-gassing to get more accurate pH, DO and DCO2 results. Get more out of your sampling line with BENCHMARK™.

AllPure’s stopcock manifolds

Need more samples per line?

Consider AllPure’s stopcock manifolds offering up to 5 configurations per sampling line. Includes a purge bag to clear residual liquids between samples.

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