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TAKEONE Aseptic Sampling Device



TAKEONE® Aseptic Sampling System
is quick, reliable and safe!



Inventive design of the TAKEONE® Aseptic Sampling System forges simplicity and practicality. The patent-pending TAKEONE® Aseptic Sampling System makes certain your operation adheres to good aseptic technique.




Factory Assembled:

TAKEONE ConfigurationsAllPure’s strict quality standards and operating procedures demand that each step in the assembly of a TAKEONE® is controlled, measured and confirmed. The result is an aseptic sampling device that can be trusted for lot-to-lot reliable performance.

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Box-to-Tank Installation:

Equipment preparation has never been more simple or reliable. TAKEONE® is factory-assembled and pre-irradiated. Remove the device from its packaging and install it on your equipment. With TAKEONE® you never worry about cross-contamination or failure from worn or damaged parts.


Independent Sampling Pathways:

The 2 mm cannula pierces the specially-selected platinum-cured silicone septa. The novel cannula diaphragm promises a completely closed system before, during and after sampling. Transfer tubing, securely sealed to the cannula, conveys liquid to the sampling vessel. The result is fully independent sampling pathways guaranteeing truly representative samples.


QUICKSEAL® Aseptic Tube Seal:
Securely overmolded to the transfer tubing is the patent-pending QUICKSEAL® collar. Operators simply cut the collar with the trouble-free and robust QUICKSEAL® cutter. Independent bacterial ingress tests conclude a cut collar is a reliable aseptic seal.®


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Common applications for TAKEONE®:


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The TAKEONE® Aseptic Sampling System is used for Cell Viability, Cell Density, Cell Characterization, Fluid Chemistry Analysis and many more applications.



TAKEONE® Aseptic Sampling Performance Specifications:

The TAKEONE® Aseptic Sampling System connects to a vessel, process line or valve configuration via the TAKEONE® Mount.



Sampling processes using TAKEONE® Aseptic Sampling System:


Support a Safe Work Environment                             
Take Aseptic Samples in Seconds                       
Guarantee Good Aseptic Technique             
Recover Truly Representative Samples
Eliminate Cross Contamination       
Eliminate False Positives        



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quick, reliable and safe Aseptic Sampling with TAKEONE® Aseptic Sampling System


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